(Updated May 2023)

Thanks for your interest in working with me! Below are some important terms and conditions that you should be mindful of when becoming a client. This list is by no means definitive as every project is unique and could change without notice.

I am just one person working on all all this! I'm handcrafting one-of-a-kind items and art for clients without any additional help from anyone. All the patterns are my own and unless otherwise noted, everything is of my own creation. Each project gets the utmost care and attention, but sometimes that can take a bit longer with the additional time needed to plan each project, answer questions, and keep my shop running smoothly. Your patience is always appreciated!

Before I will start any work on a project I require payment in full for smaller projects and at least 75% paid for larger projects.

I will not add your project to my Standby Queue unless I have the required non-refundable down payment.

Once your project is reaches 75% paid I will move it to the end of my Working Queue.  They are completed in order of who reached 75% paid first, not who was in the Standby Queue first. Priority is given to people who pay off their project promptly.

Projects paid in full immediately go on my Working Queue and skip Standby Queue.

When working with me all quotes and money exchanged are in United States dollars (USD).

You must be over the age of 18 to enter an agreement with me. Parents/ legal guardians are more than welcome to contact me.

Allergy Warning

While I try and keep direct contact with materials to a minimum, pet hair and dander has a habit of getting around as this business is run out of my home and they often hang out in my studio with me. If you have dog/ cat related allergies please keep this in mind before commissioning me and let me know if you have any issues.


The front page of this website, mailing list, and various social media will be where I post openings for quotes. Quotes for projects will only be honored within 30 days of their of issue. Prices are subject to change between commission periods. Fursuit commissions require a clear 2-3 view concept artwork to receive an accurate quote unless the character is very basic in design or it's an artistic liberty project.

Down Payment

A non-refundable down payment is due up front to reserve your slot in my project queue. This cost is typically 40% of the total project cost.

I prefer Quickbooks Invoicing or Zelle to avoid excessive transaction fees. If you wish to use other money payment services like Paypal it must be discussed prior. Money orders are also accepted.


I am happy work out a flexible payment plan for your project or you are welcome to pay in full at any time. I send out invoice reminders at the start of every month. If you fail to make payments in excess of 3 months with no contact I will assume you no longer are interested in the project.

I will not start physical work on your project until I have received at least 75% of your total.

I will not ship or release your project until it is paid in full.

Once completed, if the project is not paid in full within 30 days of notification it will incur a storage fee as space is limited. After 60 days notification you waive all rights to your project and I am allowed to alter and resell to recoup my time and money.

If you run into hardship and can't make a payment please reach out and we can discuss what to do. I will try and work with you if you'll communicate and work with me in turn.


If you cancel your commission with me, any down payment or fees paid are non-refundable. Your down payment acts as a commitment.

If a case where a partial refund is arranged for a partially-completed commission, materials and time spent (at my current hourly rate) will be taken into account. This will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

If I cancel a project I will issue a full refund.


I will happily ship worldwide.

Shipping costs are not included in my quotes unless otherwise stated. Due to the varying size and weight of projects I am not able to predict the shipping costs up front.

The actual shipping cost will be given to you once your project is packed for shipment and weighed. Typically it seems to run around $100-$150.

All items leaving my care will be fully insured and tracked, no exceptions.

International clients are responsible for any customs, import, or other miscellaneous costs into foreign countries. I will not lie or omit information on any custom forms.

Sizing/ Duct Tape Dummy

If I need a duct tape dummy for your project, please fully tape up your dummy along the cut lines once you are finished several times.

If I am sent a cut dummy that still needs to be taped together I will charge a $60 fee to cover this service. Please make sure you use several layers of quality duct tape and are standing with your arms straight out and your legs spread shoulder-width.

We are not responsible for poor sizing if you provide a poor quality DTD or incorrect measurements.

Works In Progress

For artwork projects, you will receive a copy of the sketch to approve and then the final piece. I don’t usually do many WIP pictures of artwork, unless I have a question.

For costume projects, I typically post a few updates during construction. Usually this is during certain milestones during the process or if I have questions about a style preference. If you have any concerns we can make arrangements; however, pictures are are not guaranteed.

Due Dates

I work at my own pace and do not use deadlines, just completion estimates to help schedule my work. As this is a single-person small business, things can come up that can push dates back farther - machines can break down or the artist will get sick so we appreciate your patience.

If you do not provide items like a duct tape dummy/ information we request or complete certain payments your project can be delayed.

Should you need something by a specific convention due date please let me know, depending on my workload and time until the due date I might be able to accommodate.

Rush Orders

I am available for rush orders, but there are additional fees associated with this option. They are assessed on a case-by-case basis.


My costumes come with a 180 day warranty. I guarantee my workmanship from the date of delivery should the problem arise due to something that was my error. This includes stitching, material failure, adhesives failing, or anything that is an issue with how the item is made. This also covers pre-made items or items bought at convention booths - these warranties start on date of purchase.

If damage occurs during the warranty period please contact me immediately to arrange it to be inspected and fixed. The client pays shipping back to the studio, and the studio will pay for shipping back to the client. If the damage is due to a construction issue we will reimburse shipping to the studio and make it right. Making adjustments or modifications to your items yourself can void the warranty.

I’m always trying to improve so please let me know if anything is incorrect or not as expected with your project, even if do not decide to take advantage of your warranty.

After the warranty, I can still gladly repair or refurbish your costume at an hourly fee based on what work is needed with the client covering shipping both ways. Make sure your costume is clean before sending it, if not there will either be a $150 cleaning fee charged or the item immediately returned.

If the damage caused by abuse, normal wear and tear, or incorrect sizing of parts of which the commissioner is accountable for (like requesting size 6 shoes when you are a size 8) you will not be covered by the warranty. The costumes I make are handmade one-of-a-kind items and as such they will eventually start showing age and wear in time - much sooner if abused and not maintained properly.

If you ever need replacement parts please contact me and I can quote you for individual items. Please be aware that I can make no guarantee on matching fabrics exactly years later as even the same color of fabric from the same manufacturer can vary slightly with each new dye lot they produce.


If I take longer than 9 months to complete your paid-in-full project you are entitled to a full refund, non-refundable deposit included unless the cause of much of the wait is due to the client - i.e. taking a long time to make and send in the duct tape dummy. This has never happened for me but personally I've gotten sick of artists abusing their clients goodwill and trust. Clients are always welcome to reach out to me.

Should you ever have an issue with your costume or anything I've made you, please contact me to discuss it.