Care and Maintenance

Here is how I recommend you fully wash most costume that I've built. I include a washing guide with the suit, but if you have any questions please contact me!

If another maker built your costume, please check and see what they suggest. I'm not responsible for my methods harming a costume I didn't build.

Please NEVER put anything made from faux fur in a dryer unless you are completely and utterly sure you have a no-heat setting. Too much heat quickly melts and forever ruins the fur fibers.


Heads are primarily something you spot clean with stain remover like Folex or a damp washcloth. You can carefully run an area under water if needed and blot at the offending stain.

If the head has been worn excessively or managed to get really grimy on accident my heads are fully hand-washable or often machine washable on gentle cold water cycles. You must make sure to thoroughly dry it.

The eyes are the most delicate part of your head, endeavor to not allow them to bend or flex with the weight of the wet foam.

Place the head in your tub or sink with some cool water and make sure it gets saturated. Gently work in a little liquid laundry detergent in the worst areas and then rinse thoroughly, being mindful to not inadvertently bend the eyes. The rinsing can take several passes depending on how much detergent you used, but keep doing it until the water runs with no suds and clear.

Generally speaking, heads are not something that requires washing as often as the bodysuit or other parts especially if you are mindful to wear a balaclava. Washing is a type of wear so try and use sparingly.

Drying is SUPER IMPORTANT. Once done your head is going to be a soppy, floppy mess. I use a wire baking rack that fits perfectly across my sink that I set my head on for the bulk of the water to run out of the head. Check on the head occasionally gently squeezing out any excess water that's accumulating. Once the head is damp, not dripping I place it on the fan I take to cons to expedite the drying process. You can point more fans at it to speed up the process.

A more recent discovery is using a Bissell Little Green to clean your fursuit head and other parts! It's a small, portable carpet cleaner that's shown to be safe, effective, and probably less wearing than a full wash.


Place in your washing machine set to cold water and gentle cycle with the liquid detergent of your choice.

Once the cycle is complete you can hang it by its belt loops (I usually hang it on my shower's curtain rod) and occasionally gently brush the fibers straight while it air drys.

To help speed along air drying, you can gently squeeze out excess water that collects at the bottom/ tip periodically.

If you your dryer has a heat-free setting you can dry it that way.

Larger tails are made with a hidden zipper to facilitate removal or re-fluffing of the poly-fil. The stuffing can be removed and only the outside shell laundered if desired for speed if only the exterior needs a cleaning.


Place in your washing machine set to cold water and gentle cycle with the liquid detergent of your choice.

If you your dryer has a heat-free setting you can let it dry that way or just hang them to drip dry.

Use a brush to work out mats that can happen from the palms being so high use but gently as to not mar or abuse the pawpads (or hooves/ other features) any more than they usually are.


Often they can simply be spot cleaned with Folex just like the head. This is very useful for light-colored paws at cons that might accidentally pick up dirt.

If you accidentally found some mud or got them really grimy they can be either tub washed or machine washed like hands if really needed.

If you your dryer has a heat-free setting you can let it dry that way albeit very noisy. I always set mine out in a dry area with a fan pointed at them. Brush the fur occasionally and rotate them so the fan hits different parts.


You can tub soak or machine wash.

Machine Wash – If you trust your machine then turn your bodysuit inside out and place in the drum. Use the cold water and gentle cycle settings with a fabric liquid detergent of your choice.

Tub Wash – Turn inside and allow it to soak. Press and squeeze the bodysuit with the detergent to help work out dirt and oils then allow to soak again. Pay special attention to areas where sweat collects like the armpits. Repeat this several times and rinse thoroughly.

Do not hang to dry until the bulk of the water has been gently squeezed and removed from the suit. The weight of the water puts unnecessary stress on the seams and it's just not great for the health of your fursuit. Once it's just damp, it can be hung.

Use a brush to carefully work out any mats or tangles, especially in high friction areas like the groin or armpits.

If you your dryer has a heat-free setting - mine is called air-fluff - you can let it dry that way. BE SURE IT WON'T PUT OUT ANY HEAT AND RUIN YOUR COSTUME. When in doubt, throw a few dry towels in and triple test the setting that they stay cool to the touch while it runs.

If you have any questions about the specific care of your suit that I made please don't hesitate to ask me!