Illustration Pricing

Please keep in mind that this list is only a guide and not a definite price sheet. 

Prices may increase due to complex characters or details required for each unique project.

If you would like an exact quote or have any questions about my pricing please feel free to email me. My quotes are based on this guide so it should give you a starting point in planning your project with me.

Profile Pictures
Painterly - $40

A digital, fully illustrated head-shot of your character in a rougher, more textural style! You get a copy without my website on it for use.

Convention Badges
Basic Badge - $40

This style has no shading and is only flat colored.

Detailed Badge - $55

A badge with full shading and detailing using Prismacolor markers and Prismacolor pencils.

Curled Cutie - $65

A fully detailed full-body badge of your character curled up cutely. Generally it is paws-up and a feral body-type unless otherwise requested.

Deluxe Pony - $75

A full-body illustration of a MLP-style character with a simple circular background.

XL Bust - $90

A detailed waist-up illustration of your character. A very large badge that takes up about a half-sheet of paper.

Curled Cutie Example
Reference Sheets
Basic Reference - $70-$200+

A clear 3-view turnaround reference sheet that is economical and great for fursuits! Generally reuses line art where possible to help keep the price lower like for the bodies, but unique heads and other alterations as needed. Price increases with complexity of alterations or new line art required like for a completely unique body types.

Detailed Reference - $170

Includes 2 full-body views and 3 expression heads.

A 100% unique to you reference that can be modified to fit whatever you need! No reused line art. Additional headshots, liked items, clothingchibis, and feral versions can all be created plus whatever text you wish!

Telegram Stickers
5 Pack - $90
10 Pack - $180
15 Pack - $270
20 Pack - $360

Extra Character Fee - +$10 per sticker

Full Body Fee - +$10 per sticker

Adding the "you" YCH - +$6 per sticker

Complex Character Fee - $1-3 per sticker depending on design complexity

These packs are made to be used with the Telegram messenger app. You may use these stickers for any messenger service that allows the upload of artwork to replace emojis. You make also use your stickers however else you want so long as the art isn't edited. You may not put them for sale or purchase anywhere.

Clients who commission Telegram Stickers will receive a copy each individual sticker file and a link to the pack on Telegram that I'll make for you. Each pack I draw includes a credit sticker with my contact information. As the commissioner, you may remake the pack on Telegram so long as my credit sticker is included somewhere.

Extra character fee is for 1 additional character. I will not draw more than 2 characters (unique or YCH) in a sticker.