Remember! The greater care you take with your trophy in the field, the more attractive the final mount will be.

All Small Mammals

Mammals that are coyote-sized or smaller should be brought in whole - there is no need to skin, gut, or cut the animal in any way. If you can not immediately bring it in fresh please place it into a plastic bag and freeze it as soon as possible. Small mammals (especially carnivores) tend to spoil quickly because of their thin hide and internal bacteria – the longer the animal sits out and isn't frozen the more likely it is that fur might fall out along with other problems.

Shoulder Mounts

With a sharp knife, start skinning behind the shoulders at approximately the mid-way point of the rib cage. Take this cut all the way around the animal's rib cage in an as even cirle as possible. Then, cut the skin around the legs just above the knees. An additional cut will be needed along the back of the leg to join the rib cut to the leg cut.

Peel the skin forward up towards the ears and jaw exposing the head/neck junction. Cut through the neck approximately three inches down from this junction, removing the head. Now the hide can be rolled up towards the head, bagged, and placed in a freezer until transported to my studio.

Large Game Lifesize

Carefully cut along the underside of the animal. Follow the figure to the right while being sure to keep to the underside of each limb as well as keep the cut as straight as possible. Cut the feet and head off the carcass and leave attached to the skin. Once that is done just peel the rest of the skin off the animal. Carefully fold it up with skin touching skin and fur touching fur. Then it can bagged and frozen.

Please contact me should you have any questions!