Please keep in mind that this list is only a guide and not a definate price sheet. Prices may increase due to complex characters or details required for each unique project. If you have any questions about my pricing please feel free to email me. All my quotes are based on this guide so it should give you a starting point in planning your project with me!

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Plantigrade Fursuits start at $2900

They include the head, hands, body, feet, and tail. Plantigrade fursuits have straight, unpadded legs, but can be upgraded to add shaping as needed.

Pillow-style Digitigrade Fursuits start at $3400

Pillow-styled digitigrade is when I create digitigrade illusion using specially patterned lycra polyfil pillows. This padding lends to fuller, rounder shapes due to how it behaves and fills the voids. Larger pillows are left loose (like haunches) for you to place as you get into the suit, while small pillows are sewn into place. This can work for more than just digitigrade legs depending on the needs of the client like making plantigrade rabbit haunches or feminine padding.

Carved Foam Digitigrade Fursuits start at $4300

Carved foam digitigrade is when I create the digitigrade illusion using hand-carved foam shapes that are eventually skinned in lycra and sewn to a pair of wicking pants. This is a time-intensive process, but stylistically you can get a much closer, fitted digitigrade as opposed to pillow-padding. This can work for more than just digitigrade legs depending on the needs of the client.


Starting at $2300

Partial costumes are fursuits that don't have bodies so you can wear your own clothes or if the heat of a fullsuit is too much for you.

They include a head, hands, feet, and tail.

Arm sleeves or leg sleeves for t-shirts or shorts are not included must be requested. They run an additional ~$100-250 per individual pair.


Starting at $250

Hands typically have 3-5 fingers and generally are either a flatter, more fitted anthro style or larger, plush toony/ feral style that are padded and partially lined.

Padded hands are less dexterous due to looks, but you can generally still grab things and carry on but more like you have mittens on.

They can come with no claws, fabric claws, or resin claws. Hands that require pawpads will be fabric/ pleather for most costumes or silicone-based for realistic suits.

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Starting at $300

Base feet prices include a basic outdoor sole which is made from a heavyweight rubber that can easily withstand outdoor adventures. The ankles are lined to keep them from being slouchy and are fully finished with bias tape.

Outdoor-safe recessed pawpads (+$125) and detailed indoor-only paws (+$175) are available upgrades if the design permits.

They are either built on a slip-on style shoe sent by the commissioner or a Croc-style clog. Indoor only paws can be made fully soft and shoe-less if desired. They can come with no claws, fabric claws, or plastic claws.

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Ranging from $40-$250+

Tail prices vary greatly due to size, markings, and types of fur used.

My larger poly-fil tails include a hidden zipper with bias tape finishing for easy removal of stuffing be it for cleaning, re-fluffing or travel.

They are machine sewn with two heavy nylon straps for your belt to go through.

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Adjustable Eyelids - Change your expression on the go! Each set generally costs $60.

Sleeves or Leggings - Seperate furry sleeves or leggings especially made for partial wearing with t-shirts, shorts, skirts, or anything that would otherwise show skin with a partial! Sleeves are attached at the top with elastic that stretches between your shoulder blades. Leggings are attached to a pair of workout shorts. Starting at $150.

Attached Hands - Hands can be attached to the bodysuit with magnetic wrist escapes so you can easily get in and out of suit. Often snug when you first recieve the suit because the arms stretch with use and I pattern to offset that.

Attached Feet - Feet can be attached to the bodysuit with zippers for a more seamless look, but can be fully removed for ease in cleaning and packing.

Attached Tails - Tails an be attached to the bodysuit permanently for very small nub style tails or oversized tails that are built into the shape of the bodysuit. Attached large tails will ahve a hidden interior zipper to remove and adjust padding. Medium to large sized tails can be made to attach via zippers for a seamless look but easy to wash and pack.

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